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The Future of Submarine Control

Integrating force-feedback technology and advanced control algorithms

In the future, submarine platform design will require systems that improve performance in terms of stealth and increased mobility, while providing operational autonomy and reducing operator workload and operational costs. To improve the capabilities of future submarines for new roles and missions, we developed the Full Authority Submarine Control (FASC) product.

FASC is a combined hydroplane and ballast submarine and submersible control system which aims to simplify submarine control by bringing together all aspects of the hover, trim, ballasting, and steering & diving control systems into a single interface. This allows for more optimised control of the submarine, and reduces manning requirements and the control complexity for the operator through advanced control algorithms and tactile human/machine interface technology.

FASC incorporates an active force-feedback side-stick and advanced control algorithms that are based around the model predictive control approach and control the trim and compensation system, hover system and hydroplanes across the entire speed range.

The product is therefore a departure from traditional submarine steering and diving control systems, consisting of separate automatic controllers for low speed hover (using ballast only) and higher speed hydroplane operations, with manually operated trim and compensation.