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Design and Development of a State-of-the-Art Motion Cueing System for KAI

High performance g-seat and g-suit integration

Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd (KAI) approached us for a state-of-the-art motion cueing system for a Full Mission Trainer simulator for their T-50 programme. The requirements of the seat were beyond any system available on the market, with a specific number of motion cues, sensed seat switches, emergency devices and performance parameters. This compelled us to develop a bespoke seat system and required a complex development programme.

As with Stirling’s previous dynamic seat systems, the T50 G-Seat simulates the onset of ‘g’ forces associated with various stages of flight, including the motion cues for surge, sway, heave, buffeting and harness tensioning. In addition, there are seat acoustic cues and a seat height actuator, which allows the pilot to feel compression, thus providing an even more realistic training experience. The system features a refurbished and modified Martin Baker MK16 Ejection Seat to add to the realism and fidelity of the simulation.

A novel feature of the system is the integration of a g-suit. Stirling developed a pneumatic control system to inflate the g-suit in response to signals from the simulator. This is to provide cues for the real-life function of the g-suit, which is used to reduce excessive filling of blood to the lower half of the pilot’s body to prevent them from losing consciousness during actual high g manoeuvres.

On the g-seat system, Kim Jin-Soo of Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd. commented:

We at KAI appreciate Stirling’s efforts in the successful delivery of the MCS (Motion Cueing System) for the T50IQ, which was made in 2015. We have been operating this MCS very well and safely, with reliability and without any problem ever since. Stirling delivered the MCS with respectful support. We expect to work with Stirling again in the future.