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Providing the optimal Crew Rest Solution

To avoid crew fatigue during long haul flights

Our customer is a scheduled airline operating a fleet of more than 130 Boeing B737 and B767, offering a broad portfolio of flights. However, due to new flight and duty time regulations, they were looking for a smart Crew Rest solution to avoid crew fatigue during long haul flights on their carrier. They required a Crew Rest solution that was flexible to use on their B737 MAX fleet and complied the requirements for a Crew Rest.

We offered two different smart Crew Rest solutions. The Crew Rest Unit (CRU) and the Crew Rest Couch (CRC), both solutions can convert a standard Eco class seat into a Crew Rest. The cabin crew, without any tools, can set up both solutions easily during the cruise flight. When not in use, both units can be stowed in the overhead bins or anywhere at an airline station.

Both solutions have been tested on the customer’s aircraft by the responsible teams of Operations, Engineering, Customer Experience, Maintenance, Cabin Crew and Pilots. Although both solutions were perceived as very comfortable, the customer ultimately opted for the Crew Rest Couch (CRC), favouring its Crew Rest Class lie-flat capability.

Due to the quick conversion time and the flexibility to include or omit the Crew Rest from flights, we have subsequently been awarded contracts to equip several aircraft with our Crew Rest Couch. Due to the successful operations, the customer is planning to equip even more aircraft for upcoming long-haul routes.

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