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Bombardier C-Series Independent Loads Review

Making a valued contribution to a pioneering project

During the development of their first aircraft with wing-mounted engines, Bombardier Aerospace approached us to provide an independent evaluation of the aircraft design loads. The key attraction was the set of mature tools and processes that we could offer, developed over multiple programmes, to carry out an independent evaluation of the loads.

In delivering the work, we constructed the aeroelastic model from basic data and computed aircraft flight, ground and component loads using our in-house tools and processes. The tasks undertaken included: the development of an aeroelastic model; validation of the model against test data, aircraft flight and ground loads; aerodynamic database generation and computation of the wing component loads.

The loads review engendered confidence in the Bombardier processes and led to successful certification of the new aircraft, which is now in full production. As a result of this work, Stirling were further awarded a major contract to provide flight and ground loads for Bombardier’s next generation of regional jet aircraft, the Global 7000/8000.

Bombardier’s Anthony Linsdell said:

Stirling Dynamics provided their considerable experience to our loads group for two of our new aircraft projects. The first was a critique and advice on our analysis on a new commercial aircraft project, that had design aspects novel to us at that time. Secondly, and because we were impressed with their contribution on the first project, we engaged them to execute packages of loads analysis on a new business jet project. In both projects, they performed a highly-valued service and were very responsive to our needs.