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Stirling Dynamics’ Proud to Achieve 15-year milestone supporting F-35 programme

Stirling Dynamics is the market leading supplier of simulator cockpit controls for the F-35 programme, delivering over 600 inceptor products for multiple international customers including Lockheed Martin, with whom we recently reached a notable 15-year milestone of partnership and collaboration.

The programme has allowed Stirling Dynamics to broaden its solution portfolio into bespoke, high fidelity, active control pilot training solutions worldwide, covering both civil and defence markets. The lessons and experiences from this programme together with Stirling’s aerospace design capability, has enabled its support to flightworthy controls for which an enviable catalogue now exists.  

The specialist products developed for the F-35 programmes are manufactured to the highest quality and mirror the look and feel characteristics of the flightworthy aircraft equipment. The same design principles are adopted for all our actively controlled range and the developed methodology has been embedded into our processes. 

In the Summer of 2022, we announced an extended 5-year agreement to supply Lockheed Martin with Cockpit Controls, which underpins the expertise and experience of the team at Stirling Dynamics to support aircraft and development programmes. 

Jonathan Boon, Stirling Dynamics’ Head of Cockpit Controls, commented:

The knowledge and proficiency of our team is the key to our success with the F-35 programmes and our continued engagement with Lockheed Martin and military customers. We are proud to start the year off with such strong accomplishments and are committed to continue engineering innovative solutions for cockpit controls for defence, civil and commercial aircraft.

The team are constantly looking into ways to develop cockpit controls for defence, civil and commercial aircraft. At I/ITSEC 2022, we displayed our newest product in development for pilot training networks, our ‘Compact Lite’. A cost-effective solution, with the aim to support future applications for the F35 programme. 

07th February 2023