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Dynamic Systems Modelling

Co-simulation of multi-body dynamic systems

Stirling Dynamics is skilled in modelling multi-disciplinary systems and multi-body system motion dynamics across the marine sector.

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Modelling systems

Modelling complex multi-body systems

Stirling Dynamics has a long history of modelling dynamic systems in the marine domain, including a diverse range of surface and sub-surface platforms, cable towed vehicles/devices, and hydraulically and electrically operated actuators. We employ a wide set of techniques, from first principle physical considerations, empirically based and system identification methods, to sophisticated finite-element and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses to capture the physical behaviour required to model complex multi-body systems.

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Computational fluid dynamics

Trusted performance predictions for better design decisions

Stirling Dynamics’ computational fluid dynamic (CFD) capability is utilised across a wide range of applications within the marine sector to model both external and internal flow characteristics. We have extensive experience in modelling and analysis of hydrodynamic properties for a variety of surface and submerged bodies. These include submarines, propulsion systems and towed devices, a capability applicable to both manned and unmanned vehicles.

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Advanced modelling environments

From industry-standard CAE tools to bespoke models

We can implement our models using a range of modelling environments from industry-standard CAE tools to bespoke models in MATLAB/Simulink, to standalone real-time software models for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and training simulations.

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