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A rich heritage in delivering submarine control systems and marine consultancy to a global customer base.

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Specialist engineering and consultancy services for the Marine Sector

Expert consulting from our Marine engineers

Stirling Dynamics provides high-end engineering and consultancy services which support complex design and development programmes in the marine industries – including those with demanding safety-critical requirements. We have built an enviable reputation in submarine autopilots within platform management systems (PMS) and offer an advanced modelling and simulation capability. Once deployed, our engineers can provide a full range of support services, including submarine control solutions, marine propulsion, computational fluid dynamics and dynamic systems modelling.


Submarine Control Systems

State-of-the-art submarine autopilot and hover systems design and development

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Marine Propulsion

Complex analysis to deliver enhanced performance

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Dynamic Systems Modelling

Co-simulation of multi-body dynamic systems

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Core Capabilities

  • Simulation and Control

  • Systems and Safety

  • Fluid Dynamics

  • Software Development

  • Electromechanical Design

Model-based systems engineering in the marine sector

Learn how model-based systems engineering (MBSE) can be utilised for safety-critical software

At Stirling Dynamics, we have utilised the lessons learnt and best practices within the aerospace sector to improve the development and delivery of safety-critical software in the Marine Sector.

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Full Authority Submarine Control

A next generation submarine control product

Based on our solid reputation for innovation and technological advancements within the submarine industry, we have created Full Authority Submarine Control (FASC) – a new concept in submarine control.

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Our three-step process to project success

Whatever you are trying to achieve, from modelling boat dynamics to designing propulsion systems, we apply the same level of care and attention to all our customer projects.


We take the time to understand your challenges in order to structure the most efficient projects


Our capabilities and experience mean we can solve the most complex and demanding projects


We offer a range of delivery models that include consultancy, engineering services and safety critical control solutions

Latest Work

The Future of Submarine Control


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Modelling & Simulation of Towed Buoy


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Submarine Control System Design


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Development of an optimised propeller shaft design


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