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Active Control Products

A Global Leader of Active Control Technology

Active Control Product Family

Stirling Dynamics' wide range of active simulator products including side sticks, throttles, and pedals

For over three decades, Stirling Dynamics has pioneered active control technology and is proud to hold many industry and technology firsts, which includes supplying the controls for the first ever, fully active fly-by-wire helicopter flight. Today, we supply the active stick and throttles for the new F-35 pilot training simulators and continue to break new ground in cockpit control technology.

  • Compact Stick

  • Single Linear Throttle

  • Compact Single Rotary Throttle

  • Compact Dual Rotary Throttle

  • Compact Plus Stick

  • Compact Plus Collective

  • Compact Plus Pedals – New 2023 Model

  • Compact Lite

  • Compact Tiller

  • CH-53K Cyclic

  • CH-53K Collective

  • CH-47 Thrust Control Lever

  • Inceptor Control Module

What Our Active Controls?

Active controls replace the traditional springs and dampers of a passive control system with motors and gearboxes, which are then commanded by real-time software to provide bespoke feel characteristics as selected by the user. These feel characteristics can be programmed to change dynamically during a simulation or test flight in response to any chosen stimulus.

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Active Controls in Action

Stirling Dynamics' simulator active controls are feature-rich and “like-for-like” in terms of realism and fidelity. We are unmatched in both experience and skill in the development and production of active control simulation cockpit sets that are totally immersive and highly effective in training pilots to take control of real aircraft.

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Our Products Work Even Better Together

Build Your Optimum Solution

With versatility in mind, all of our active controls are commanded by a dedicated electronics Common Control Unit (CCU), which provides an ethernet interface allowing minimal integration effort. From a single fixed wing cockpit to dual rotary cockpit configurations, multiple CCU’s can be used in collaboration to provide designers with total flexibility.

Do You Need a Bespoke Unit?

Extensive experience developing unique controls for the simulation and training industry

We are frequently approached by customers to create replica cockpit controls for new concepts or newly designed aircraft. These replicas are often required to match the flightworthy units in every way and our existing simulator product range - which is fully active, compact, and linkable, without mechanical linkages - is the perfect starting point for developing a bespoke cockpit set.

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Active Control FAQs

Do you have any questions about our active control products? We have you covered.

"Stirling reacted to our urgent requirement and provided a great service with good communication throughout."

Gavin Holkham. Design Engineer – Mechanical. FR Aviation Limited trading as Draken Europe.

"Stirling Dynamics provided their considerable experience to our loads group for two of our new aircraft projects. In both projects, they performed a highly-valued service and were very responsive to our needs."

Anthony Linsdell. Bombardier Aerospace.

"When we send work to Stirling, we are always confident that it is in the very best of hands – they continue to exceed our most demanding expectations."

Isaiah Cox. CEO. WheelTug.

"Stirling Dynamics is definitely one of the highest quality engineering companies we have experienced in the field of aerospace and military development."

Sangjoon Park. Vice President and Head of Aerospace R&D Center. Hanwha Corporation.

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Do you have a specific product in mind?

From our off-the-shelf units to bespoke products, let’s discuss your requirements.

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